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Communicate with members, collect donations, organize events, customize your church portal and so much more.

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Gracely will help your church be organised and effective

People Management
Groups Management
Events & Attendance Tracking
Online Giving System
Forms Management
Send Emails

People Management

Set up and manage profiles, monitor attendance, and send personalized emails.

Group Management

Keep tabs on group attendance, communicate via group emails, and distribute documents among group participants.

Events & Attendance Management

Create event registrations, record attendance, and send reminders as needed.

Donation Collection & Tracking

Securely gather online and in-person donations, keep individual and events-based history, and generate donations reports.

Communication with church members

Send personalized emails to individuals or groups in your church community, promoting engagement and strengthening congregation cohesion.

Your Church Portal

Your Centralized Place to Manage Donations & Events

Discover the heart of efficient Church Management with the Church Portal — your centralized place for seamlessly managing, overseeing, and sharing church donations and events. This is your dedicated Gracely space to create a tightly-knit community centered around your church.


Enhancing Impact with Effortless Giving

Give seamlessly with debit or credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or ACH bank transfers. Your preferred payment method, your effortless contribution.


Facilitating Participation for Seamless Engagement

Members explore your event calendar, discovering free and paid experiences. Spark interest, sign up, fill the form, and handle payments seamlessly.


Design Your Own Web Pages, Navigation, and Videos!

Transform Gracely into your own space by crafting personalized content—design web pages and create bespoke videos.


Smooth Exploration, Captivating Interaction

Discovering and joining a group is made simple—just sort by key characteristics. Once part of a group, stay informed with news and updates, and keep track of upcoming events effortlessly.

Gracely is different


Gracely is built with intuitive design for people who don’t have advanced tech skills


Gracely securely stores your members and payments data in the encrypted cloud.

Built with community feedback

Gracely collaborate with leading church experts to design and build its software

Dr. Kent Reynolds,

Former Senior Pastor

Bobby McGraw
Executive Pastor at Sugar Hill Church

Robert Alemany
Director of Operations at Redeemer West Side

Matthew (Matt) Webb
Director of Music at Presbyterian Church in Morristown

Streamline your church operations