Church management
made effortless.

Communicate with members, monitor finances, organize events, and so much more, all by using a simple and streamlined web application, accessible from your phone or computer – anytime, anywhere.

Remain devoted to your community

At the heart of every church’s mission lies a profound connection with its people, and the continuous nurturing of human relationships forged within a worshiping community. Gracely is here to take time-consuming management tasks off your shoulders, enabling you to remain devoted to the souls that make up your cherished community.

Simplified People Management

Understand & Unite

Seamless Event and Attendance Coordination

Connect & Engage

Effortless Donation Collection and Tracking

Give & Transform

Efficient Group Management

Guide & Grow

Gracely is a comprehensive church management software designed to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and security of churches, regardless of their size. Gracely provides an extensive array of features to meet the needs of your church.

People Management

Utilize Gracely’s user-friendly people management feature to oversee your members. Set up and manage profiles, monitor attendance, and send personalized emails.

Group Management

Establish and maintain church-based groups effortlessly. Keep tabs on group attendance, communicate via group emails, and distribute documents among group participants.

Events & Attendance Management

Seamlessly organize and execute various events. Create event registrations, record attendance, and send reminders as needed.

Donation Collection & Tracking

Securely gather donations, whether online or in person. Keep a record of individual and event-based contributions, and generate comprehensive reports detailing your donation history.

How is Gracely different from other church management software? Gracely sets itself apart in three key ways


Gracely provides pricing plans tailored to accommodate churches of varying sizes, ensuring cost-effectiveness that aligns with budgetary constraints.


Gracely is designed to be easy to use, catering to individuals who may not have advanced tech skills, and making it accessible to a wider range of users.


Gracely prioritizes the secure storage of your church’s data, providing peace of mind knowing that your information is safeguarded and protected.

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The Gracely Team

Meet the dedicated individuals behind Gracely.

Socrates Koumpardas
CEO & Co-Founder

Nektarios Axiotis
Frontend Developer

Harris Papanikolas
Backend Developer

Dimitris Tsingos

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The Gracely Advisors

Meet our esteemed external advisors, who are always here to help us in our efforts to enhance your ministry’s vision and strategy.

Dr. Kent Reynolds,

Former Senior Pastor

Bobby McGraw
Executive Pastor at Sugar Hill Church

Robert Alemany
Director of Operations at Redeemer West Side

Matthew (Matt) Webb
Director of Music at Presbyterian Church in Morristown