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Questions about Pricing & Gracely

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If your church is sizable and accustomed to incurring substantial expenses on software, you might be curious about the notable cost difference with our fees. The explanation is straightforward: Our advanced technology enables us to streamline expenses. By utilizing cloud hosting and designing our product for efficient maintenance and updates, we significantly reduce operational efforts. Our major costs involve server space and resource usage, leading us to structure our plans based on user count, reflecting the server space and resources utilized by your account. Essentially, we’ve optimized various facets of our business and product to harness technology and human resources, satisfying our requirements while ensuring affordability for churches.

If you belong to a smaller church, you may perceive our pricing as a bit elevated. Gracely stands out as one of the most cost-effective church management platforms available, if not the most. While our goal is to cater to as many churches as possible, we must ensure the sustainability of our business for long-term service to you. Delivering excellent value involves certain expenditures. For instance, promptly implementing suggested features with high quality demands significant efforts from our team, just as our renowned customer service does. Acquiring and maintaining our technology infrastructure also incurs financial commitments, essential for the smooth operation of a dependable software product. We understand that certain churches might face constraints in affording dedicated software, which is why we maintain a free plan. Our aspiration is to give back to the remarkable church community we are a part of and contribute to its ongoing growth.

Gracely does not impose any fees on the donations gathered through our platform, regardless of the collection method, be it online or in-person. Should you choose to utilize our online giving features, the only charges you will incur are from the payment processor, Stripe that is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. For specific details on their fees, we recommend referring to Stripe’s website.

Certainly, data migration is entirely complimentary for all our plans. This is offered to you for three straightforward reasons:

  1. Our team possesses the technical tools and expertise to conduct the migration swiftly, saving you time without significantly utilizing our own resources.
  2. We are dedicated to ensuring your experience with ChMeetings is outstanding. Assisting you in the initial setup aligns with our commitment to establishing your success from the very beginning.
  3. With the hope of cultivating a lasting partnership, providing this service is part of our ongoing efforts to cater to your needs as one of our valued customers.

It’s your centralized place for seamlessly managing, overseeing, and sharing church donations, events & extra forms to collect details. This is your dedicated Gracely space to create a tightly-knit community centered around your church.

Absolutely not! You won’t need a developer. Our team is here to handle both the development and data migration on your behalf. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll manage all the substantial tasks for you.