Our vision

We are committed to supporting pastors and directors of operations in their efforts to connect with parishioners, oversee their church’s financial matters, organize events and activities, and much more. This commitment is realized through the creation of a user-friendly and efficient web application, easily accessible from both phone and computer devices, at any time and from anywhere.

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Meet the Gracely Team

The passionate experts who are focused on helping you drive the success of your church.

Socrates Koumpardas
CEO & Co-Founder

Nektarios Axiotis
Frontend Developer

Harris Papanikolas
Backend Developer

Dimitris Tsingos
Co-founder & President

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Meet the Gracely Advisors:

The dedicated mentors who are always available to share their invaluable input as we work toward providing you with the best church management platform available.

Dr. Kent Reynolds,

Former Senior Pastor

Bobby McGraw
Executive Pastor at Sugar Hill Church

Robert Alemany
Director of Operations at Redeemer West Side

Matthew (Matt) Webb
Director of Music at Presbyterian Church in Morristown